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heya well i thought i should post cuz thats what everyone does to get in this thing and plus im bored so ya and plus ud kno a bit about me now :D

About you

Name: Kasia
Age: 13
Sex: female :D
Hair Color: brown with blonde streaks and some red
Eye Color: brown


Color: black and pink
Band: linkin park,lucky boys confussion,maroon 5, good charlotte and 504 boyz
Television Show: The O.C., That 70's Show, Spongebob and 7th heaven
Sport: volleyball and i just started liking softball
Food: pizza and fries
Singer: sarah conner, eminem. sheryl crow, lots of different people as long as its good lol
Movie: the hot chick and finding nemo
Nail polish color: clear!! lol and silver :D

What are your opinions on...

Love at first site: for some people it works but for me i dont know cuz i havent been able to experience it truly... once i thought i did but i rly didnt so if u believe that it was love at first site then im sure it was :D
Long Distance Relationships: they can be really tricky... the one person your goin out with could cheat on u whenever they want to and i dont think most last only the people who truly love eachother do
Diseases: there are way to many and someone really needs to find a cure before everyone starts getting it
Rape: i think its pathetic to go and grab some random person and rape them.. theyre very dangerous cuz you dont know if the guy would kill you or have a disease..
Divorce:people are making decissions to get marry at an early age and think they love eachother but really dont :( its kinda sad how many people do this
Same-Sex Marriages: i dont really care but people are making to much of a big deal about it..even on the news now a days...those people who would be willing to do that no matter what are really brave and i think that really is brave of them to

Last but not least...

post 2 or more pictures of yourself:

toodles :D

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