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*you spin me right round baby right round* tee hee ..

About you
Name: Brittany.
Age: 15.
Sex: Chick.
Hair Color: Brown with blonde highlights, pink streaks [soon to be purple], and black highlights.
Eye Color: Dark brown.

Color: Pink, black, purple, red, and white.
Band: Brand New.
Television Show: Newlyweds.
Sport: Skateboarding.
Food: Any italian food.
Singer: Jesse Lacey from Brand New.
Movie: Most Wanted.
Nail polish color: Black.

What are your opinions on...
Love at first site: Yes, it happened to me.
Long Distance Relationships: I'm in one now so yes, I'm all for it.
Diseases: Ehh.
Rape: Hells no.
Divorce: Try to work out the problems first, but if they don't work then I guess.
Same-Sex Marriages: I'm not too fond of them -shrugs-


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