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you spinme right round baby right round


About you
Name: Emily
Age: 13
Sex: female
Hair Color: Blonde-Brown
Eye Color: brown/hazel

Color: pink
Band: good charlotte
Television Show: Pimp My Ride
Sport: gymnastics
Food: steak, salad
Singer: Ashlee Simpson
Movie: Mean girl
Nail polish color: shiny pink

What are your opinions on...
Love at first site: well i guess so... it is kind of overrated.
Long Distance Relationships: they could work as long as the couples send pictures like, once amonthor call alot or else its not really a good relationship
Diseases: they are horrible to have especially if it is deadly..
Rape: horrible, disrespectful, and unfair to the girls who get raped.
Divorce: it i okay if they have really lost their love for eachother but if theyhave kids it really hurts them
Same-Sex Marriages: they are okay if theyreally love each other

Last but not least...
post 2 or more pictures of yourself:

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